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Youth Development 

Individual Player Development
Proven individual player development model for ages 5-18+. We take our time with each athlete and focus on long term approach to development. We ensure that we develop each individual using our proven methods through the Foundation Phase (ages 5-11), Development Phase(ages 12-16) and prepare them for the Professional Development Phase (ages 17-21) either with Aspire or at a professional academy/team and/or college.

We leverage the lessons learned from our past players who we developed and are now playing professionally in Europe and local US colleges. Please ask us about our past players we have great stories to share about their pathways. 

Our youth development process has influences from all over the world including Caribbean, English, Belgian,  Portuguese and more due to various international partners/affiliates.  We often vet our process with our many global partners quarterly who provide direct input into our model which shapes and sharpens our model.

Team Play 
Aspire International Football Academy has football/soccer teams competing in academy, travel, select and recreational programs for ages 5-18.  

Recruitment Pathway Services for College and Pro Teams
AIFA works with many colleges/universities and professional teams globally that we partnered with for player ID and player placement into their schools or clubs. 

Educational Services
AIFA partners up with various tutoring services to offer assistance to players for most subjects.  We also work with Onside English to help players and coaches get better at English. 

Physiological, Social and Public Media Training
AIFA provides a class for social media training to teams to be more effective with social media, understand the do's and don'ts about media relationships and how to express themselves and the club they represent properly in those outlets.  We at AIFA often seen thethe moment and further in their career. 
cases and ramifications that can occur if a wrong decision was made particularly on social media which has an impact on the athlete at 
Higher Education and Life Prep (H.E.L.P)
AIFA provides educational seminars for high school level players on life subjects for the players and families to prepare them as they move to adulthood. Seminars in personal finance, savings, budgeting, credit cards, 401K retirement and the basics of real estate and home ownership

Individual and Team Training Programs 
AIFA offers top level training for individuals and teams, we provide an initial assessment of the skill level and then create tailored sessions to match the level of the individual or team.

Summer Camps and Leagues
AIFA plans to offer summer camps and leagues starting in 2019

Player and Team Affiliate Program

Team Affiliate Program
Aspire International Football Academy offers teams that are already established to be apart of the AIFA family and benefit from some of the many features we offer. AIFA aims to hopefully help our affiliates on overhead cost for team related items such as equipment, uniforms, league and tournament fees.  Team coaches will be able to benefit from being involved on our coaching seminars with professional and college coaches and many other technical staff from around the would to learn training tips and new methods.  Teams will also be able to utilize our recruitment partner network.

Player Affiliate Program
AIFA allows players from anywhere in the world to be apart of the player affiliate program. This program allows them to join any of our AIFA teams or our affiliates and will be apart of our player network in case they would like to play in tournament matches around the world. 

Technical Event Program and Coach Placements

Web Conferences
Aspire International Football Academy hosts coaching web based seminars and conferences through out the year from many of its contacts to share with coaches, managers, players, trainers and more from guest key speakers from professional and college clubs around the world.

Annual Technical Session Conferences
AIFA host each year an in person technical clinic session with professional teams, college and academy coaches with clinics for coaches, players and all. It is a fun day for all that attend.

Coaching Position Placement Opportunities 
AIFA through has developed a wide network of contacts within the industry. We are often told about job opportunities that may come up and we pass that onto our network of coaches and technical staff contacts to apply. 


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